About Us


Established in 1981 as Telecommunication & Industrial Consulting Services Corporation with Integrity as our cornerstone, TELICS is committed to Fairness and Project Excellence for our clients. TELICS has experienced continued growth allowing the integration of other services in support of its core Design business. TELICS Capabilities include Design, Utility Coordination, Traffic Signal Cabling, Right of Way and Relocation, Appraisal, Pole Inspection and Maintenance, Special Projects, Permitting, Staffing, and Emergency Response.

TELICS, headquartered near uptown Charlotte, North Carolina employs 300+ associates serving Communications Companies, Consultants, Utility Companies, Departments of Transportation, Municipalities, and Transportation and Infrastructure Contractors. Clients seeking to supplement their internal staff frequently partner with TELICS to better manage resources for significant capital projects, meet critical milestones, and control overhead expense.

Core Business

TELICS core business is Communications Infrastructure Design and Right of Way and Relocation Solutions. On a daily basis, we are responsible for the Design, Coordination, and Oversight of Projects to accommodate Infrastructure Growth and Transportation Projects. TELICS is dedicated to enhancing the communities we serve. By providing services that support Communication Services, Infrastructure Growth, and Transportation Improvements we support our clients in bettering the lives of the communities we are blessed to serve.


We conduct our business based on the values of Integrity, Fairness and Excellence. Because of this, the culture of TELICS is one of personal responsibility, teamwork, respect, and innovation. We believe that our reputation is our most important asset and that it is only as good as our last completed assignment. Therefore, we strive to provide high-quality services in a timely manner. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with satisfied clients by delivering the best possible customer experience. To accomplish this goal, TELICS treats its associates with respect and enables them to earn the confidence of each client. TELICS associates strive to understand client expectations, meet requirements consistently, and deliver value in a timely and professional manner. We are a family of professionals who are thankful for the opportunity to serve others by providing exceptional customer service focused on efficiency and client cost reduction.