TELICS employs highly qualified personnel for all types of appraisal projects. We possess experience in a variety of areas including eminent domain appraisals, lending, and investment. Our appraisal staff can assist in the planning stages of public projects by providing estimates of Right of Way and / or easement costs.

TELICS appraisers are prequalified to provide appraisal services to the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). TELICS appraisers also provide services for Municipalities and other Consultants on a wide variety of projects to include utilites, sidewalks and transportation projects. TELICS appraisers conform to USPAP, CFR 23 and 49, as well as all local, state and federal regulations governing the projects. TELICS appraisers prepare accurate and detailed appraisal reports for clients seeking valuations of residential, business, and non-profit properties. Services include all necessary technical services, property inventories, suit information, and preparation for condemnation.

Property owners and tenants are given professional service and are treated with the upmost respect during property inspections. The goal of TELICS appraisers is to surpass our clients' expectations by providing reliable methodology, timely delivery, and consistent documentation and analysis.

In addition to meeting continuing educational requirements, TELICS appraisers attend courses, seminars, and professional organization programs to remain abreast of professional standards, appraisal methodology, and real property and appraisal case law decisions.

TELICS also offers appropriate tracking modes as well as a custom delivery system to suit the unique needs of our clients. TELICS Appraisal Services Team maintains an open and communicative approach to all appraisal services therefore decreasing the potential for conflicts that can develop later in the acquisition process.

  • Right of Way Appraisals
  • Appraisal Review
  • Proximity Studies
  • Cost Estimates
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Expert Testimony
  • Consultation Prior to Court
  • Commercial Transaction & Portfolio Appraisals
  • Advance Acquisition Appraisals
  • Surplus Property Appraisals
  • Enhancement Appraisals
  • Utility Easement Appraisals
  • Conservation Easement Appraisals
  • Transportation Project Estimates
  • Public Works Project Estimates

Service Contacts

Steve Nichols

Vice President