TELICS has extensive experience providing a broad range of design services to Departments of Transportation, Municipalities, Transportation and Infrastructure Contractors, Utility Companies, and other Consultants. Associates of this company have designed feeder and distribution facilities for a variety of infrastructure projects. These projects include outside plant design for residential and commercial telephone (RBOC, ILEC, CLEC) subscriber services, broadband subscriber services, video subscriber services, long-haul Fiber Optic routes, special circuits, Fiber to Premises, Curb & Node, DLC / ADSL / VRAD, commercial Building Industry Consulting Services (BICS) entrance design, conduit/duct banks, wireless PCS tower sites, traffic signal cabling, and utility relocations to accommodate roadway improvements. TELICS provides each of these design services with excellence enabling clients to meet their objectives in a timely and cost effective manner.

TELICS provides turnkey solutions for clients in need of comprehensive services. Clients for whom TELICS has provided turnkey solutions include DeltaCom. This project included a 501-mile route to accommodate a Fiber Optic communications link requiring Route Selection, Outside Plant Design, Right of Way, Permitting, Joint Use Agreements, Construction Inspection and Project Management. TELICS was ultimately responsibile for all of the services outlined in the Scope of Work. Significant key alliances have been cultivated and maintained with other dependable business partners in order to meet peak demand and provide seamless solutions for projects requiring construction equipment, specialized services or additional manpower resources.

Design projects sometimes require diverse support services including CAD drafting, feasibility and density analysis, surveying and mapping, GPS locates, strand mapping / make ready, permitting, joint use agreements, construction inspection, equipment inventories, tap audits, data input, PLANET and as-built mapping. TELICS has diverse experience and capabilities in these disciplines.

Staffing and Outsourcing is an integral element of TELICS design capabilities. The company offers staff augmentation to provide specialized professional and technical services to fill unbudgeted or short term positions. This includes part-time work and temporary-to-permanent hire positions. TELICS offers Staff Supplementation Non-Payroll Workers for temporary work assignments where the client provides general direction and manages the end result of the work completed. TELICS also provides outsourcing solutions for clients who prefer having work performed off-premises.

  • Telecom Facility Infrastructure
  • Facility Relocation
  • Fiber to Premises, Curb & Node
  • Traffic Signal Cabling
  • Fiber, Copper & Conduit

Service Contacts

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Director of Technical Operations and Employee Development

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