Emergency Response

TELICS has the capability of furnishing qualified personnel to clients who experience outages related to extreme weather conditions. We maintain a database of experienced personnel that are prepared to respond immediately.

We provide damage assessment teams, designers, construction management, Right of Way agents, and other disciplines upon request. We also provide coordination with power companies to determine and resolve safety issues.

Our emergency forces allow our clients to have additional manpower in place in a timely manner.

TELICS will enter into an Emergency Response Agreement with our client stating terms and conditions as well as personnel, travel, vehicle, and per diem rates. This agreement will only be effective when the client requests this assistance. However, TELICS will be proactive in preparing personnel to deploy as soon as forecasted conditions in the client's area indicates a potential damaging situation.

  • Damage Assessment
  • CAD Drafting
  • Right of Way Management / Acquisition
  • Cable Protection
  • Construction Management
  • SAC Support & BICS Support

Service Contacts

Linda Wyatt

General Manager