TELICS associates negotiate and acquire stand-alone Permits for transportation and utility undertakings, 3rd party construction projects, new development projects, and permits required for commercial, residential, and private party projects. We select routes or work with Clients on proposed routes, negotiate with property owners, research required permit requirements, and secure permitting for the placement, replacement, or expansion of Client facilities or public infrastructure.

TELICS has vast experience in a number of disciplines involving Permitting. Our company has been responsible for the preparation of hundreds of railroad permits and waterway crossings for utilities located throughout the Southeast. We have prepared Department of Transportation Encroachment Permits and Relocation Agreements for thousands of miles of Facility Upgrades and Relocations associated with highway and bridge work. The Permitting Division has experience working in conjunction with our Design Teams on projects for TELICS clients who seek turnkey solutions. One such example of a turnkey solution is the 501 mile route to accommodate the DeltaCom Fiber Optic cable requiring Route Selection, Outside Plant Design, Right of Way, Permitting, Joint Use Agreements, Construction Inspection and Project Management.

TELICS associates have prepared, submitted, and facilitated the approval of permits required by numberous State and Federal entities, local municipalities, the Army Corps of Engineers, Port Authorities, and the United States Forest Service. Much of the design work completed by TELICS requires interaction with railway companies negotiating utility crossings on behalf of the Client in addition to coordination with the respective state DOT Utilities Section.

We have operated a local permitting office for a major telecommunications company. This TELICS office was fully staffed and responsible for the identification, preparation, and acquisition of all documentation required to support Engineering and Construction requirements to complete the day-to-day placing operations for cable, wire, and associated equipment. Our Permit Division works closely with Clients and our Right of Way Division to incorportate the acquisition of new remote carrier sites, strip easements, and records research throughout the Southeast.

Our Permitting Division has considerable experience with permit preparation for facility upgrade and facililty relocations related to road widening, bridge projects, sidewalk / greenways, water / sewer easements, cross county fiber routes, carrier sites, strip easements, and gas pipelines. TELICS also retains consultants, attorneys, and surveyors to meet Client expectations for large projects and/or aggressive schedules.

  • Permitting / Encroachment Agreements
  • DOT & Public Works Projects
  • Railroad W / WO On Site Coordination
  • Storm Water Acquisition and Inspection
  • Permit Research
  • 3rd Party Permits
  • Army Corps Waterway & Wetlands
  • State & Federal Lands

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Director of Technical Operations and Employee Development

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