Pole Inspection and Maintenance

TELICS Pole Inspection and Maintenance Services division provides utility companies and municipalities solutions for managing their in-service wood pole and aerial infrastructure. TELICS can meet client's needs to complete one-time inspections or provide ongoing maintenance programs.

Visual, below ground line, and sound and bore inspections are common practices to determine the condition of in-service poles. In addition to performing these traditional inspection methods, TELICS also utilize the most up to date electronic inspection devices which greatly improve efficiency and accuracy.

Accurate data collection is a crucial part of any Pole Inspection and Maintenance program. TELICS uses the most up to date data collection devices and software to quickly and accurately record pole identification, GPS location, and joint-use data in the field. All information is delivered to the client in the format that best suits their needs.

TELICS provides ground wire repair and protective u-guard installation as well as down guy and anchor inspections and guy guard installation. Broken or damaged vertical grounds, loose or broken down guys, missing guy guards, and corroded anchors are a safety hazard to technicians working on or around the equipment and are also a hazard to the public. TELICS personnel are committed to ensuring the highest possible safety precautions are in place at each site.

The majority of pole owners utilize the National Joint-Use Notification Service (NJUNS) to communicate pole change-outs, NESC violations, and permit requests. TELICS provides NJUNS information updating work ticket management services. Work that is requested from another pole owner can be quickly verified in the field and communicated to the proper work crews for completion. In addition, TELICS can provide on-going work ticket management to help clients identify new work requested as well as verify the status of pending work requests.

TELICS provides inspection program management and consulting services to develop efficient Pole Inspection and Maintenance programs. TELICS has skill and experience needed to develop, implement, and manage an inspection and maintenance program that fits our client's individual needs.

  • Visual Inspections
  • Data Collection & GPS Locations
  • NJUNS Updating and Management
  • Inspection & Maintenance Program
  • Ground Wire Repair & U-Guard Installation
  • Sound & Bore Inspections
  • Joint Use Attachment Surveys
  • NESC Violations Identification
  • Vegetation Management Coordination
  • Down Guy / Anchor Inspections & Guard Installation

Service Contacts

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Area Manager

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