Special Projects

Special Projects are an essential element of the TELICS initiative to offer integrated services in support of its core design business. Typically, these projects are client driven and arise from a unique or one-time need. TELICS is able to assist when a project requires an innovative technical solution, specialized skill, or requires a fast track schedule beyond the scope of the client's internal staff.

The primary focus of TELICS’ Special Projects Division attends to clients who rely on us for staff augmentation. These projects are usually associated with one or more disciplines including Design, Right of Way, Utility Coordination, and Staffing services complementary to TELICS design business. Specific field services for Special Projects include utility locates / mapping, utility records research, prior rights review, tap audits, pole audits, capital equipment and tool inventories, records verification, construction inspection, and preparation of permit applications for Railroad and Interstate Highway encroachment agreements.

TELICS has experience coordinating and managing Subsurface Utility Engineering (S.U.E.) services for clients and other consultants. We provide data collection services deploying Global Positioning System (GPS) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to support database development, Right of Way management, Municipal Franchise Agreements and Geographic Information System (GIS). The raw data is collected and interpreted for use in a variety of client applications.

TELICS was recently tasked with completing a Capital Tool Inventory for one of its major clients in preparation for a routine internal audit. The inventory included the identification and return of all unused capital tools to the Investment Recovery Center with credits representing hundreds of thousands of dollars. The assignment included the completion of all pertinent internal forms, data entry and delivery of raw data to update our client’s inventory database in ATS. Updated equipment records were distributed to field supervisors who were trained on new capital tool procedures, forms and appropriate record keeping. According to our client, the audit results were greatly enhanced by the initiative and paid significant dividends by reducing anticipated capital budget expenditures.

  • Joint Duct Bank Design
  • S.U.E. Coordination
  • GPS Data Collection
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Carrier Equipment Inventory
  • Capital Tool Inventory
  • FTTP Cutover
  • Set Top Box Installation

Service Contacts

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Director of Technical Operations and Employee Development

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