Staffing and Outsourcing is an integral element of TELICS Design capabilities.

The company offers staff augmentation to provide specialized professional and technical services to fill unbudgeted or short term positions. This includes part-time work and temporary-to-permanent hire positions to meet unique requirements for an unbudgeted position or a special one-time need. TELICS also offers Staff Supplementation Non-Payroll Workers for temporary work assignments where the client provides general direction and manages the end result of the work provided.

TELICS also provides outsourcing solutions for clients who prefer having work performed off-premises.

  • Construction Management
  • BICS Support
  • Service Advocate
  • Design Support
  • Planning Support
  • CAD Drafting
  • Records Posting
  • Data Input
  • IT
  • PCS / PCI
  • Project Management

Service Contacts

Linda Wyatt

General Manager