Traffic Signal Cabling

TELICS has the capability of furnishing qualified personnel to assist Departments of Transportation in the planning, rehabilitation and expansion of traffic signal systems controlled by ACTRA Traffic Management System. ITS, CCTV Camera and IP/Ethernet based communications topology recommendations can be integrated into the planning process when required.

TELICS reviews the routing of the existing communications cable to identify NESC compliance for the placement of new fiber optic cable and selects the most cost effective routing of new communications cable.

We have the ability to record the horizontal location of utility poles using a GPS survey device that is accurate to within one meter. Evaluation of the utility poles includes the height of the utility attachments, pole identification number, location by street name, pole owner and the owner of each attachment. Data sheets for each utility pole are prepared.

TELICS conducts a utility make ready walk through, obtains agreement for the make ready required then coordinates all utility make ready work with respective utility companies and monitors the progress of the utilities for completion of the authorized make-ready work.

TELICS can update Base Mapping for current system information and rehabilitation or expansion plans. We can also assist in the development of initial Base Mapping. Detail plans, cost estimations, construction bid processing, construction inspection and as-built documentation services are provided along with complete project management.

  • Project Management
  • Base Mapping & Permit Processing
  • ITS & Fiber Sizing Recommendations
  • Aerial & Underground Routing Recommendations
  • GPS Data Collection
  • CCTV Camera Site Recommendations
  • Utility Make Ready Walk Through & Coordination
  • Construction Inspection & As-Built Documentation

Service Contacts

Steve Mode

Director of Technical Operations and Employee Development

(704) 617-6525

Jim Brooks

Operations Manager

(336) 788-0150