Utility Coordination

TELICS has substantial experience with Utility Coordination and Project Management in the installation of telecommunication, power, and broadband facility infrastructure. Utility Relocation projects include water, storm and sanitary sewer, gas, power, telephone, and traffic signal cabling affected by highway and bridge improvements in metropolitan areas of the Southeast. 

TELICS understands that utility related conflicts can cause delays and add significant cost to roadway construction projects.  TELICS will work cooperatively with utility owners to prevent such delays, as well as to build strong working relationships with the utility owners to develop a knowledgeable point of contact to mitigate the frustrations that so often accompany large projects.

 Every project requires diligent utility coordination and a detailed understanding of the existing utilities within the scope of the project.  Our experienced utility coordination team can identify conflicts on proposed plans, offer solutions such as facility route adjustments, or when necessary, recommend design changes minimizing or eliminating the need to relocate facilities.

 Our designers will ensure that all relocations are coordinated with other utilities, minimizing conflicts that develop during the course of the project.  TELICS efforts will focus on saving time and money.

 TELICS Utility Coordination Services include plan reviews, coordination with the individual stakeholder utilities, creation of conflict reports, and negotiation of necessary design changes to minimize conflict.  TELICS bridges the communication gap between the developer and utilities that provide electric, telephone, CATV, water, sewer and gas services. Our extensive knowledge of utility design allows us to effectively manage the project according to client requirements and schedules.  The TELICS Utility Coordination Team is pleased to have been associated with many of North Carolina’s most complex projects over the past twenty-five years.

  • Roadway & Bridge Projects
  • GPS Utility Locates
  • Utility Routing, Siting & Mapping
  • Cost Analysis
  • Prior Rights Research & Review
  • Joint Trench Coordination
  • Construction Inspection
  • S.U.E. Program Management

Service Contacts

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Director of Technical Operations and Employee Development

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